Chickpea Flour “Fries”

Crispy on the outside, creamy and custard-like on the inside, these “fries” are a hit with everyone who tries them.   And chickpea flour is so good for you, you can convince yourself these fritters are health food.   This is my modification of Madhur Jaffery’s recipe in her wonderful book World Vegetarian.  

½ cup plus 2 teaspoons canola oil

1 ¼ cups chickpea flour

2 coups water

Salt and garlic powder to taste


Grease two large dinner plates with one teaspoon of canola oil each.  Bring two cups of water to a boil in heavy saucepan.  Whisk in the chickpea flour, stirring continuously.  Continue to whisk until the mixture thickens and pulls away from the sides and bottom of the pan, about 5 minutes.  Quickly turn out the batter and spread evenly on the two plates.  Allow to cool for a few minutes until set.  While the batter is cooling, heat ½ cup of canola oil over medium high heat in a large sauté pan.  (The oil should be about ¼ inch deep across the pan, add more if you need it.) 


Use cookie cutters to cut shapes into the chickpea batter directly on the plate, or cut into strips about ¾ inch wide by 3 inches long.  If using cookie cutters, choose ones that are not more than two inches wide and 3 inches tall, and that are fairly compact shapes, with no long stems or tails that will break off when frying.   

Test the oil by adding one piece of batter to the oil.  It should immediately sizzle and float if the oil is hot enough.  When oil is ready, fill the pan with pieces of batter and fry until reddish brown on bottom (about 3 – 5 minutes), then flip and fry the other side until reddish brown as well.  Remove from oil with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.  Sprinkle with salt and garlic powder and serve immediately. 

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